Rid 1 Thing

Are you overwhelmed with clutter? Join me on my “Rid 1 Thing” mission. I feel constantly plagued by clutter. I don’t consider myself a “hoarder” or even a clutter bug, but it just seems to add up, doesn’t it? We have long term plans to relocate, short term plans to move in the same area and the thought of packing up all this…stuff results in the cold sweats and shakes. Not so long ago, when we first started talking about moving, I gave myself the mission of getting rid of 1 thing per day. It didn’t have to be anything big, could be something as small as throwing away an old expired bottle of vitamins I never touch, or recycling a container we never use anyway, to as big as cleaning out my closet and bookshelves and donating boxes of stuff. I let myself be flexible, depending on my schedule and mood. I kept it up for a few months. You’d be AMAZED at how long you can keep it up and how much stuff there is you can throw away, recycle or give away. At first the things were obvious, then it became fun to find things. I eventually would pick a room and challenge myself to find something to get rid of.

You know what? It worked! I really started noticing a difference. Our home had a noticeably lighter, more open feeling to it. Then, I stopped. I think we went away on vacation or something and I got thrown off my habit. I’ve tried to go back to it, kind of half-heartedly over the last several months but it hasn’t stuck.

I want that decluttered feeling back!! So I’m announcing it right now, starting today, I’m back on my mission to get rid of 1 thing every day. I’m going to tweet my progress with the hashtag #rid1thing. Twitter is great for accountability and I know if I tweet it, people will hold me to it.

Want to join me? It’s a great feeling. Just 1 thing. Look around, I’m sure you’ll find one thing pretty fast. Then tomorrow, look again. Anything you can donate, give to a friend, garbage or recycle? Give it a try, I promise the results will be worth it.

Warning: be careful when giving away things to friends, they may start to catch on that you’re just dumping your clutter on them. My mom caught on pretty quickly. 😉

Wish me luck on my mission, and if you join in, let me know!!



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9 responses to “Rid 1 Thing

  1. ab

    That’s a great plan! I tried Kimmi’s “13 Thursday” thing twice with my daughter. It’s great to get things cleaned out!

    • I’ve not heard of the “13 Thursday” but I can assume it was getting rid of 13 things on Thursday?

      I really to try to declutter, but then new stuff seems to replace it!! LOL. It’s an ongoing thing, isn’t it!

  2. Yahoo! I’m in! Although you might need to remind me for a bit. I love my house when it’s free of clutter. Don’t get to love it very often these days. Maybe this will help. Sure can’t hurt! 🙂

  3. good luck!

    I’m all for simple, clean and CLUTTER FREE! (sorry, super enthusiastic there.)

    I can’t function if too much clutter piles up, I’m not exaggerating either. I start to shut down, and it snowballs, things get worse, and worse. You can imagine. I have to have clutter free.

    We’ve come to have a pretty good ‘system’ for our family. We do a bi-annual purge of the entire house, every six months, without fail. And then random ones that aren’t as intensive throughout, and sometimes daily like you are.

    Someone needs to be drill sergeant, and do a daily reminder tweet. It’s amazing how much being clutter free can clear up so much in your life, in other ways. It helps your creativity, productivity, you have more patience, you generally just FEEL better. Like you said, your home has a lighter feel to it, but it carries over and you have that same feeling as well, and then everything you do does too.

    Ok, I’m done. Sorry.

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  5. I have more than 1 thing…mostly because I have BOYS in the house (husband included). We’re IN. AND, I’ll share with my students!

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