Cruising Pictures Galore

This will officially be the most pictures I’ve ever blogged at once. I tried to narrow it down to the best ones, I really did! We just had such a great time in Ketchikan, and I have the pictures (and pictures and pictures) to prove it. First thing in the morning we docked and headed out for our crab boat fishing excursion. Ross and I are big fans of the Deadliest Catch, so when Ross’ dad told us he was taking us on this excursion we were so excited! It did not disappoint! Not only did we get to go out on a crab fishing boat in Alaska, we were on a boat that was featured on the Deadliest Catch, (the Allutien Ballad) with a fantastic crew of experienced fisherman who did a fantastic job of telling us their stories, everything we ever wanted to know about fishing, crab, the Bering Straight and more.

I’ll kick things off with a picture of me below the Captain in his wheelhouse.

This turned out to be so much more than a crab boat fishing excursion. They took us to see the seals (who were enjoying the sun just as much as we were) as well as some bald eagles. They threw fish in the water to bring the eagles down, I managed to get a picture of one swooping down.

The crew showed us how they fished for all kinds of fish, as well as the crab. We went to different areas and they pulled up various fish, crab and even an octupus for us to see!

We got to get up close and personal with some crab-YES-it is alive!!

Overall it was a fantastic excursion, one I highly recommend to anyone going to Ketchikan, Alaska!!

Once the crab boat excursion was over, we still had time in port. (those crab fishermen start early!!) So we did some shopping and headed for yet another hike. Our shopping time cut into our hiking time a little (awww) so we didn’t get to reach any lookouts or summits, but it was still a great hike.

Just to add sprinkles to the ice cream sundae (what, I told you I hit the ice cream bar every day!) that night we had one of the most spectacular sunsets I think I’ve ever seen. An incredible ending to an amazing day.

Tomorrow, last post from the cruise!!


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