And still more cruising pics…

I am thoroughly enjoying reliving our cruise in blog form. Are you jealous yet? Just checking…
Our next day was a “cruising day” up to Tracy Arm. We woke to brisker temperatures and ice in the water! We threw on our warm clothes (for the first time) and went out on deck to check things out. The ship got as close to the glacier as possible, but being later in the year (we were the last cruise to Alaska for them) we didn’t get too close. Still, the view was spectacular, the ice chunks were scary and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast on the deck (or was it second breakfast?) while taking in the sights.

It was hard to get good pictures because it was too sunny! Did I say too sunny? I mean, it was perfectly sunny, but not so great for photos.

And…what Alaska cruise would be complete, without a whale sighting?!! Did I say “a” whale? Well, let me tell you, once again, we were treated extra special on this cruise. Later while we were sailing back out of Tracy Arm, our ship was surrounded by whales!! They were out the back, off each side, from counting the blow spout spray, we must’ve seen dozens. Some were far enough we only saw the spray, several were quite close to the boat. I tried to get pics, but as soon as you got your camera out, down they’d go again. But trust me, there were whales! When the excitement calmed down and there were no more whale sightings happening, I went inside to get something to eat, and I heard yet more exclamations and people rushing to the window. I had to put down my plate and run back outside to see the porpoises that were jumping alongside the ship! Along with the seals we saw from the ship, my wildlife expectations were more than met!

The day got more beautiful as we headed back out, we enjoyed much relaxation..and of course, food. Here’s me in the room after all the whale sightings…still hoping to see more!

You HAVE to tune in tomorrow for my report on Ketchikan where we went out on a CRAB FISHING BOAT!! One that was featured on The Deadliest Catch. See you then!


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