Yet More Cruising Pics

The next day on our Alaskan cruise we stopped in Sitka. There’s no space or docks for the cruise ships, so we took the tender, which I quickly learned is our life boats, taking us from the cruise ship to land. Here’s a shot I got of it before we got back on. It was kind of strange to sit inside it and look around, picturing what it would be like if we were all in there for an actual life boat emergency situation. *shivers*

We had planned on doing the Advanced Mountain Bike excursion, a 4 hour, 22 mile ride..but there wasn’t enough interest in it, so we went with the same company, but did their bike and hike excursion instead. It was a pretty short bike ride (on touring style bikes-weird!) and then the hike, then a bike ride back to the beginning again. Somehow my husband still managed to look cool with his riding gear and bike. I look horrendously dorky.

The hike was gorgeous, thanks again to some spectacular weather.

We had extra time so we got to stop at Whale Beach on the way back. Didn’t see any whales..then-but that’s another story. 😉

We had time before we had to get back to the ship, so we wandered around Sitka. I, of course, had to go into the bookstore and found on the front table what I thought was one of the funniest titles I’ve ever seen for a book…and did you know that Random House is based in Sitka, Alaska? Neither did we! (kidding)

That night after indulging in cruise buffet (oh, the food!) we got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset.

Next update: Tracey Arm, Alaska!



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2 responses to “Yet More Cruising Pics

  1. Mom

    I have a copy of Walter the
    Farting Dog. Did you buy for Dad?
    The pics are great and now Dad is jealous, so maybe I’ll actually get him to go on an Alaska cruise.

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