Cruising Pics

I’m slowly going through my pictures from the cruise and resizing them. Wow. I didn’t realize I’d taken so many great shots! I won’t dump all of them on you, just my favourites. 😉

When we first boarded the boat, our staterooms weren’t ready so we went to the Lido restaurant. (don’t I sound like a veteran cruiser already?) I had my first bowl from the “make your own sundae bar”, something I would repeat pretty much every day. Ah, life on a cruise.

Once we were settled in to our rooms, we found the Explorations Cafe and settled right in. My husband Ross found Joe Hill’s second book “Horns” (actually, I found it, did a little squeal and handed it to him) which he signed out and read during the cruise. He couldn’t say enough good things about it, so now I HAVE to read it. The cafe is sponsored by the New Yorks Times, so they have done the recommendations for the books in the library, which was much bigger than we expected. There were five walls of books, as well as coffee table sized books, take-one-leave-one books, games, puzzles, and a daily suduko and crossword. I was in heaven!! Ross and his mom tackled and completed on puzzle in the early stages of the cruise, other people joined in, fun times had by all. 😉

Of course one of the very first things we did when we got on the ship, was check out the gym. It was quite nice, it had all the equipment we needed, including machines, dbs, and a variety of cardio equipment facing large windows looking out the front of the ship. When we first walked in, one of the trainers tried to talk us into going to the “Secrets to a Flatter Stomach” seminar. I’m not sure what the expression was on my face, but I know my husband was holding in laughter. (I was covered up) When we went back to work out, Ross made me take a picture with the sign up sheet..he thought it was funny. 😉

Ah, I think I have forced enough photos on you. Next post, our excursion in Juneau!



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2 responses to “Cruising Pics

  1. Lol! Wish I could’ve seen your face when the trainer asked. 😉

    Great pics! 🙂


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