The Uncon

I’m very proud to say I was a program participant for DragonCant!! For those of us unable to attend DragonCon in Atlanta last weekend, Brand Gamblin, Nathan Lowell and Allison Duncan  started DragonCant. It started as a joke on Twitter, yes  indeed. Nathan tweeted that he was about to attend the “dogwashing panel” at Dragoncant…and it grew from there. In only two weeks they had a website, a facebook group, a merchant room and a full schedule of panels and readings. Isn’t it amazing what can happen out of thin air, so to speak. The uncon was a big success. They had thousands of hits on the website and the facebook group continues to grow.

The reading I did was a blast! I had an hour time slot and only a short story to read, so..I improvised..and it was simply too much fun. While I was reading, one of the listeners did a sketch of me! She then colourized it and added the Evolve cover in the background. How cool
is that?!! I just had to blog it, I thought it was so great. If, I mean WHEN you see
the video, you’ll see, that’s just what I looked like!! 😉

We did record my reading (the tech stuff was figured out on the fly, I was the last to read so it was mostly running smoothly by then!) and I attempted to embed it right into my blog but it didn’t work. (surprise, surprise!) If your curious to see me reading and being goofy “live” (I know you are) you can follow this link. Come on, you know you wanna!! 🙂



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2 responses to “The Uncon

  1. you did great at your reading, lots of fun

    (prolly can’t embed due to blocking it)

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