Fit4Success Network has a Sponsor!

Our health and fitness network has a sponsor!!

As some of you may know, up until recently, Ning networks have been a free service. The one I created was something I was doing just for fun. I wanted somewhere people could come to encourage and support each other, as well as get more informatoin on
living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Things changed and Ning is no longer free. Through their site I found a link to WEGO Health Portal, offering to sponsor health networks. I applied, and we’ve been accepted!!! Hooray! That means we can continue the network with ALL the features we’re used to.

So, a huge thank you to WEGO Health, you can visit them here:

In honour of our new sponsors, I’d really like to increase content and participation, as well as the number of our members. So, please come by and check out the network, and if you like what you see, join up!! 🙂



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