I Joined Goodreads

I consider myself fairly competent when it comes to social media, but just the other day I realized there are still some
great sites I’m missing out on. Thanks to Jeannie Holmes, who tweeted about her Goodreads book giveaway of her novel Blood Law I have now joined the site. The best part, I’m already listed as a Goodreads author because they have Evolve featured on the site. (tiny newbie giggle)

How did I not know about this site before? Of course, to me it’s all shiny and new right now so I’m just loving it…a new world to explore. Screw facebook, this is social networking for readers and authors and it’s fabulous! I only joined yesterday and have already probably spent more time there than I should. I’ve found authors that I now, authors I’ve admired for, well, forever, and I’m able to view their pages, blogs, books they’re recommending, reviewing and reading. I love that!

If I’ve set things up right, this blog I’m doing right now that goes out to my livejournal (hey peeps!!) blogger and wordpress blogs, should also now show up on my goodreads page. Technology has this little game it plays with me though, things NEVER work the first time, as they should. Doesn’t matter if it’s new software, a website, uploading etc, it won’t work for me the first time, I have to fidge, finagle and wrangle things till it works right. I mean, I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but this just seems to keep happening to me. I’m not sure what kind of lesson is hidden in there, but anway, my brief point made long is I’m not sure if this blog will appear on Goodreads the first time I try it.

Are you on Goodreads? what’s been your experience? Will the shiny fascination I have with it wear off or is it a lasting relationship? If you’re there, add me! If you’re not, I highly recommend checking it out!!


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