I’ve been hit with a computer virus! Wait..before you say anything, it was totally my own, stupid fault, I only have myself to blame, yadda yadda yadda. Not only did I get it on one computer, due to my multi-tasking, I got it on both my laptop and my hp mini. I’ve been without a computer for, let’s see, going on five days now. I have my mini back, however, it’s not completely fixed (oh yay) so I have to take it back in again. Don’t worry, you can’t catch it by reading this. I think.

That’s where I’ve been. In a self-inflicted, computerless void.

First day, absolute panic.

Second day, this is okay, I can handle this! There’s other things I can do. It’s a little forced vacation.

Third day, wow, look at the house cleaning and decluttering I’m getting done!

Fourth day, give me my bleepin’ bleep computer back!!

Fifth day, okay, this really ISN’T funny anymore! Computer back NOW.

Despite my torment, I’m pretty sure I will survive. 😉


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