Yes, we’re in Vegas again…

Did you miss me? 😉

It’s been a few (ahem, many) days since I’ve blogged, but once again I have a great excuse. We’re in Vegas again! For the second year in a row we’re here for the World Series of Poker main event. Unfortunately hubby is not playing in it as he would’ve liked (it’s a $10,000 buy-in with over 7,000 players-that’s one BIG prize pool!) but he didn’t quite earn his ticket in. (no way he’s buying right in yet!)

In the meantime, he’s playing poker at other casinos and I’m enjoying the sun, pool and shopping. Yes, it’s rough. We’re about to go eat, I hope to blog again on this trip…I’ll give you my tips for getting upgrades in Vegas. This trip we got a car rental upgrade for free (worth over $100 a day for nine days) and an upgrade to a suite at the Vdara for free. (full kitchen, separate bedroom, two bathrooms)

Meanwhile, hope everyone back in the real world is doing fine and dandy. 🙂


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