Editing Goals?

I’m a goal setter. Always have been. When you’re doing a first draft, it’s easy to set daily, weekly, monthly word count goals.
But what about editing goals?

I asked this of my closest writing pals, and they came up with a few answers for me.

Erika doesn’t set a goal per day, but a date by which she wants to finish the whole thing. She says she likes to “do a first pass solely for technical nits: grammar, punctuation, typos, wordiness, repetition etc,” and then she edits “for content.”

Christie goes by pages, trying to do about three pages a session on short stories.

John said he usually does “a pass for each fix: voice, each major character change,” but did admit he feels disorganized about it and was interested in hearing other responses.

So, in honour of our curiosity and compulsion to be better writers, I offered to blog about it. I also bragged on and on about my fantastic LJ peeps, who have always given me great input and writing advice. (hint hint) Time to rally people!

What kind of editing goals do YOU set?

Do you have any suggestions on how to maintain a level of high productivity during editing?


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