Ad Astra Convention

This month I attended another great convention, Ad Astra in Toronto.

Evolve had a launch party where I got to dress up like a vampire yet again (so much fun) and read from my story. This truly has been a fantastic anthology to be a part of, and not only that, it’s getting GREAT reviews-so go get your copy today! 😉

Some photos from the convention:

First off, me, “vamped up” and ready to bite! I mean, read my story…

Me with fellow Evolve author Rio Youers, author of Mama Fish and Everdead, and overall awesome dude:

Another fantastic Evolve author, Gemma Files, author of Book of Tongues. (also getting RAVE reviews!!)

Brian Hades, of Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing!

Putting a little scare into David Nickle, author of The Claus Effect and Monstrous Affections. (fantastic short stories!)

With fellow newbie author Victoria Fisher. (this is her second publication)

And finally, with ChiZine publisher and fellow Evolve author Sandra Kasturi. (she’s FAN-freakin-TASTIC)


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