Tanith Lee

 I keep saying I am going to blog what I’ve learned and continue to learn at conventions and conferences. Well, now I am actually going to!!

Tanith Lee was the Author Guest of Honour at the World Horror Convention. I was a fan of hers before meeting her at the convention, but now I’m an even bigger fan. She’s an absolutely fantastic lady, passionate about writing, passionate rightabout her readers and passionate about life in general!

I had the opportunity to first meet her when I was dressed up as a Vampire at the Evolve launch. She was fasicinated by my eyes and fangs, while I was in awe of her mere presence! I went to her reading which was fantastic, and several panels she sat on. I’d like to share some Tanith Lee words of wisdom with you.


Guest of Honour Interview

In an interview panel, Tanith said that she’ll do anything not start writing, even when the novel is flowing. This, to me as an aspiring writer, was great to hear. It’s not only me then! Even someone who’s written over 90 books and 200 short stories struggles with proscrastination.

Interesting fact, Tanith suffers from electronic migraines and writes in long hand.

When Tanith was young and she was down about her writing, her mother told her she was a genius and must write. Her father thought she was mad (which she says she is) but even he couldn’t discourage her from writing, she was so passionate about it.

When Tanith was young she wanted to be an actor and know she says that writing is acting. She gets to be all the characters in her stories.

When she is working on getting through to the end of a novel and is beating her head against the wall, she says she will continue to do so “until it or my head breaks way.” Don’t give up!

When asked what book is she most proud of, Tanith replied, “all of them.” How fabulous!

When asked if she reads her own work, Tanith said she finds reading her own work comforting and “settling.” It makes her think, “My God, I did this.”

When asked about her writing regime, Tanith says that she uses the philosophy of “leave them wanting more” with herself..she will stop at a certain point, knowing what comes next.

In another panel on writing horror for young adults, Tanith Lee had fantastic advice for getting young people to read. She said tell them not to! Tell them it’s dangerous… “don’t you dare go near that bookcase.” I thought that was fantastic advice and I’m sure it would work!

Tanith said to the audience at her interview, “what a delicious thing” to write something that someone enjoys and connects with.

I agree!


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