Royal Visit

After the World Horror Convention I went to London to spend some time sightseeing. Unfortunately due to the screw ups with British Airways (see previous venting post) I only had half a day. I walked to Buckingham Palace from my hotel. How awesome is that?

I’ve never been fascinated with the Royal family like some people were growing up. Charles and Di’s wedding was “cool” but I didn’t fawn over the ordeal like some of my friends. So while it was great to see Buckingham Palace, I was more fascinated with the gorgeous fountain across from it..which you’ll notice from the number of pictures I took of the Palace, versus the fountain. 😉

Perhaps if I hadn’t been so exhausted from the convention, angry at British Airways and by myself in the pouring rain, it may have been a different experience for me. The logical solution is that I will just have to return to see it (and more of London) again!


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