Vampires Evolve..and they’re AWESOME!

I’m still recovering from the World Horror Convention-did I mention how incredible it was? Oh yes, I think I have, many times.

I did take a lot of pictures, and the pictures that friends took are also rolling in. I thought I’d split up blogging the photos and focus on one fabulous experience at a time.

The Evolve reading which was held on Thursday from 3:00-5:00 went great. All the other authors were very enthusiastic and after hearing their stories, I can’t wait to dive in and read all of them in full! The reading room for this convention was set up as a “lounge”, with comfortable chairs around tables, rather than theatre style seating. So it was very intimate and created a great atmosphere. We had a full room and everyone was very excited about the anthology by the end!

The launch for Evolve was on Saturday. This is the event I dressed up for. Why? Because I could! LOL. I had a blast putting the outfit together, and it was fun to see people’s reactions. One of my fellow authors, Jerome Stueart was so freaked out by my contact lenses, he couldn’t look at me! (what better reaction could I ask for?!)Nancy Kilpatrick put on a fantastic event, there were prizes, including your own bag of blood, bottles of vampire wine and one of the special edition copies of Evolve that comes in a coffin!! As contributing authors, we helped out by handing out drink tickets, draw tickets, and little vampire themed goodie bags. Then all 10 authors sat down and people came through the line and had their books signed. I even got to sit beside the Lordess of the Otherworld herself, Kelley Armstrong. She has been a great inspiration to me in my writing, so to sit beside her to sign books was incredible.

Stay tuned for more chilling reports from the World Horror Con. 😉

My vamp costume:

Sitting beside Kelley Armstrong during the reading:

With Nancy Kilpatrick on the very last day in the lobby:



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2 responses to “Vampires Evolve..and they’re AWESOME!

  1. Looks great Sandra! Looking forward to seeing you and the other authors at the BBB multi-author Evolve interview on Monday, April 5th at Bitten by Books!

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