Convention Update

Blogging again from the convention, there’s a mass autograph signing going on right now and I’m downstairs to do this blog. I was going to just post photos from yesterday, but I have some VERY recent news that I just have to relate. I just received a google alert that there’s another Evolve review..and this one has me so excited I can’t contain myself! LOL. Check this out:

“My favorite story by far was Sandra Wickham’s Mamma’s Boy (a freaky little tidbit of a human woman giving birth to her vampire child) coming in at a pithy four pages I wanted so much more – I’m hoping Ms. Wickham takes this story and makes it fabulous!! Not to say I loved every story some were very confusing and weird- for instance- The Drinker by Victoria Fisher which left me with more questions than interest or Colleen Anderson’s An Ember Amongst the Fallen which left me more disturbed than intrigued by Buer’s character, he was a confusing nasty.”

Here’s the link to the review on

And now, after that exciting’s some pictures from yesterday!

My friend Wendy and I went to the Brighton Museum in themorning, and this is a picture of us and our names in hieroglyphics.

The Evolve reading went really well, we had a full turn out and I am now so excited to read all of the other stories in the anthology. (I haven’t had a chance to read them yet!) Here’s a picture of me reading my story, as well as one of my favourite authors, Kelley Armstrong, reading from her story.

Last night we went on the Brighton Ghost Walk..our host was very entertaining!

After the ghost walk we had a few, okay, several, okay, A LOT of drinks, and went to a late night ghost story reading. Which was then followed by more drinks and more socializing until the wee hours of the night. I have met some absolutely FANTASTIC people here at this convention.

Tomorrow is the big Evolve launch party..where I plan to dress up as a vampire…I will definitely get pictures to post from that!


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  1. YAY!

    Keep ’em coming! 😀


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