Second Day in Brighton

I’ve made it to Brighton!

The trip here was pretty easy, direct flight and then the bus from the airport dropped me off right behind the host hotel, the Royal Albion.

I dumped my stuff in my room and raced out to the check out the beach and the Brighton Pier. It looks like a ton of fun! It was getting dark though, so I didn’t get to spend a ton of time out there.

This morning I headed to the Royal Pavillion. It was amazing!!! I wanted to dine in the banquet hall and dance in the music room! They have listening devices that take you through each room, giving information as you go. It was extremely fascinating to see how elaborate the decorations were, how the royals lived it up when they were there.  Unfortunately there is no photographing allowed inside the Pavillion, so I took a couple shots of the outside.

After the Pavillion, I went on an mp3 walking tour, that I downloaded before I left home. It started at the pavilion and took me through the Lanes, and the shopping district, with commentary as I went. I did get lost once..but a nice store keeper helped point me back on the right path. (the streets here are crazy, windy and complicated!)

This is a “twitten”, a very small alley way, said to maybe be called that as a mix of “betwixt” and “between”. This one was located between two pubs, and I walked several of these twittens, which was the best part of the walking tour. I never would’ve gone down them! Here’s a pic of the twitten, and a self-portrait of me IN the twitten. (warning, this is a scary picture of me! LOL) I also visited a shop on the tour, She Said Erotica Boutique. This is me trying on one of the masks. Needless to say, I’m having a fantastic time so far!

Things will get going with the convention tonight with an early party and registration at 8pm. I hope to get a chance to blog again, and will definitley get pictures of the pier!



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2 responses to “Second Day in Brighton

  1. I love hidden alleys! Thanks for sharing your experiences of Brighton. I’m so glad you found a way to get online, and please keep these coming! 😀

  2. Looks like you’re having an awesome time, Swicky! 😀


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