Group Creation Experiment Day Five and Six

I’m sort cheating because I missed yesterday on account of being busy getting ready for my trip to England!! (I leave tonight for Brighton for the World Horror Convention!)

So this day five and day six (of seven) of the Mind on Fire Tarot Randomizer Group Creativity Experiment.

Yesterday’s card was the nine of swords, an “unhappy” card, symbolizing worry, doubt, anxiety, guilt, anguish, despair, depression, regret, being hard on yourself, wanting to turn back the clock, being overwhelmed by remorse, and wanting to cry. Fun stuff, right?

Here’s what I came up with:

Raging at the world
Insecurity dominates
Drowning in self-pity
Ignoring the positive
Crumbling to pieces
Upset with choices
Lamenting time gone by
Overcome with doubt
Urging darkness
Sinking into nothingness

Today’s card is the Two of Cups, symbolizing making a connection, a joining, cementing a friendship, calling a truce, acknowledging an attraction.

Here’s my creation for today. (it’s quick cuz I gotta catch a plane!) A short, whimsical poem for this happier, and appropriate card. (can’t wait to get to Brighton!!)

There are people you meet
And instantly you click.
Now suddenly you want
To know what makes them tick.

A mutual respect,
and admiration glows.
What trouble you’ll get in,
hell, no one really knows!


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One response to “Group Creation Experiment Day Five and Six

  1. Hey, you have a blog! How the crap did I miss this?!

    *Adds to his blogroll*



    PS – Like the poem. 🙂

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