Group Creation Experiment Day Four

Here we are, on day four (of seven) of the Mind on Fire Tarot Randomizer Group Creativity Experiment.

Today’s card is from a Lovecraft-themed Tarot Deck, and is the Devil. There are so many symbolisms tied to this card, temptation, materialism, bondage, ignorance, hopelessness…

I intended to do something dark, symbolic and anti-materialistic, but then, this happened.

I started with one of my old modelling 8 x 10’s and was going to just trash it, make it ugly, everything opposite to the modelling world and to having to look good…but then I started having so much FUN, it took a totally different turn. It is, an experiment after all, so I went with it. 😉



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3 responses to “Group Creation Experiment Day Four

  1. G

    ahahahaaawesome 🙂

  2. I knew I’d find an ecstatic comment from Galen here. 😛

    But I agree. 🙂

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