Short Story Review

Our Evolve anthology has been reviewed by Doug Knipe at, including my short story Mama’s Boy. I’m so excited, not just because it’s a good review, but because this is my first review-ever! (very cool…)

Here’s what Doug had to say:

Mamma’s Boy by Sandra Wickham

“This is a delicious and very short story about karma. Ruthie is about to give birth to her first child after a few years of marriage. Only she now learns her husband is vampire that in his transformed state is monstrous and that her child will be too. And she will be the babies first meal. But a mother’s love knows no bounds and turnabout is fair play. I found this disturbingly funny (am I warped?).”

Now, don’t you want to read it??!! 😉

You can see the other reviews here, read the author bios here and find out about getting YOUR copy of Evolve here.


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