Latest Vegas Trip

Normally I post our Vegas trip pics right away, but somehow, time has gotten away from me. We were in Vegas for our anniversary, Feb 12-20th. We took a ton of photos, so this time I thought I’d just include ones that fall under my “recommendations for cool stuff to do when you go to Vegas.” I’ve mentioned other things before, so these are just some from this latest trip. (I should do a full Vegas trip recommendations blog sometime!)

Freed’s Bakery 4780 South Eastern Avenue
We went here to get ourselves a treat for Valentine’s day (also our anniversary) from Freed’s because that’s where we got our wedding cake from. It’s not on the strip, you’d definitely need a car..but if you get a chance, all their stuff is DIVINE! Cupcakes, cheesecakes, cakes, cookies…oh my!

The Shark Tank at the Golden Nugget (Freemont Street)

In all our trips to Vegas, we’d never seen the shark tank in the middle of the pool at the Golden Nugget. It wasn’t quite swimming weather, but it was still very cool to see. They have a slide that goes right through the shark tank! (I want to go back in the summer for that!)

The Freemont Street Experience

In the “old” downtown of Las Vegas, Freemont Street is something you should definitely see. Not only the light show on the canopy, but also the different performers, casinos, vendors, all make for an interesting adventure! (the girl to the right in this photo “coached” me on how to stand. LOL. I didn’t tell her I was a fitness model….)

The Bellagio Gardens

The Bellagio is one of our favourite places to go, not only for sighting the top names in the Poker industry, but also for their magnificent gardens. They change it throughout the year and is always worth seeing.

Mirage Dolphin and Lion Habitat

This is Siegfried and Roy’s Animal Habitat. Again, we’d always meant to go but never have. It was small, but enjoyable. Seeing a full grown male lion that close up actually took my breath away. The white lion cubs were seven months old when we were there and absolutely adorable! We took video of them acting just like, well, giant kittens!

That’s just a slice of Vegas. If you ever need any recommendations (hotels, sights, things to do) just let me know!!


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