RIP Corey Haim

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Today is my scheduled blogging day..yes! I set a schedule of Mon, Wed, Fri. I figure if I can stick to that, I’m doing okay.

I thought I was going to blog about our trip to Vegas, since I haven’t done that yet. (and I have some great new recommendations and pics to share!) But then I saw the news about Corey Haim and that’s been on my mind all morning.

I’m sure lots of people will post fabulous tributes, I just wanted to join in, to share in the sadness of it, and add my voice to those who remember the “early years” of Corey Haim’s career with nostalgic joy.

I was really excited to watch “The Two Corey’s”, and I think I watched every episode. It was so sad to see Corey H the way he was. It would have been a GREAT story if he’d been able to turn things around. Unfortunately, he wasn’t.

We were also excited to watch the new Lost Boys movie. If you haven’t seen it, DO NOT watch it. It will make you weep for better days.

I feel a small part of my childhood has died along with him. (and I feel terribly old! Where did the time go?!!)

Rest in peace, Corey Haim.


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