The Boom Effect

The Boom Effect is a fund drive to raise funds for Sonic Boom, and was started by a group of podcasters and writers as a way for these communities to show support for the Morris family.

From The Boom Effect Blog:

Tee Morris is a beloved founding father of the podcasting community; co-creator of, writer of four social media books, and the first novelist to serialise his novel.

On the 5th of January 2010 Tee found himself facing raising his daughter (with the alias of Sonic Boom) alone, after the sudden, shocking death of his wife Natalie.

The podcasting, writing, and social media community gathered around and within days had raised over $10,000 to cover funeral expenses and other pressing bills Tee was facing. This response was incredible, and showed just how much Tee has touched the lives of others.

However now, as a community we are turning our attention to Sonic Boom’s future. She is only five now, and relying on Tee to provide everything for her. We have the aim of providing a trust buffer for her, so that she can go to college if she wants.

Nothing is going to replace her mother, but the funds raised will give more opportunities . So writers, podcasters and creative types of all stripes are offering up items for auction.

I have donated a 12 week workout and nutrition program to the auction!!! 

The program will be done completely online, via email, photos etc and is a 12 week “all inclusive” program.  That means it includes your personalized diet, cardio and weight program, as well as food journal checks, physique checks (via emailed photos) and program changes and updates as you need them.

I will send you a list of questions to answer (including pictures, measurements, your life schedule etc) so that I can then take all that info and make your program.  I have a client only discussion board where you will be able to chat with the other clients, including my competitive clients.

This Program Includes:

  • A 12 Week Personalized Weight Program
  • A 12 Week Personalized Cardio Program
  • A 12 Week Diet Program
  • Food Journal Checks
  • Physique Checks and Program Reviews Throughout
  • Extra Motivational Tools and Tips Throughout
  • Group Support via a Private Discussion Board

FYI, This Program is not a “quick fix” solution that promises to have you looking like a superstar in 12 weeks.  It’s going to mean work on both our parts and will be a great step toward a healthier and happier you!

Click here to visit my auction, if you go to “home” you can see all the other fantastic items. Happy Bidding!

This event will be a webathon run by Podcasting’s very own Rich Sigfrit, with a plethora of special guests and fun. It will take place live online at 10amEST  February 27th 2010. Watch the event here


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