Catching up

We’re back from Vegas, and I’m experiencing the post-vacation consequences..not enough sleep and an overload of work to catch up on.


Since I didn’t blog while we were away I just want to say “hi”. I’m still alive, still around, but I’m a little swamped. Plus, I really want to get a writing session in today..somehow!! I did manage to write while were gone. I managed to write six days out of the nine days we were gone. I figure for being in Vegas, that’s pretty darn good.

Oh, and I received an official rejection email on my short story submitted to the Tesseracts 14, by Edge Publishing. It had been so long I was pretty sure it was a “no” already, but getting that official word stings, just a little. I do know there were an extremely high number of submissions, and as Eileen Kernaghan put it (Canadian author who’s workshop I attend), “Everyone’s trying to get in to Tesseracts now.” I shall be content for now with my Evolve Anthology story (the review copies are out, presales are happening, I’ll be blogging about that more soon!) and will take another look at this story and then send it somewhere else.

Wait, this just turned into a real blog entry by accident! And look at the time, gotta run!!! 


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One response to “Catching up

  1. I know it’s dumb–I kept up with you on Twitter–but I missed you here.

    =) Loyal Follower

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