Travel Plans

I haven’t blogged for several days, the good news is, I’ve been busy writing! (no, really, I have been!)

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Las Vegas (isn’t that a movie? Wait, not quite.) for our anniversary. We’re going to be there for nine days, so I’m looking forward to getting writing done. What?! Writing in Vegas?! Yes, there’s a lot of distractions in Vegas, but we’ve been so many times that we’ve seen and done a lot there, so it’s more of a “vacation” and less of an “oh my goodness we’re in Vegas let’s go completely insane” kind of trip. We have our list of things we want to do and see, but I will also be getting some great downtime. Hubby goes out to play poker, and I get to stay in and enjoy the suite, relax, read and write. Perfect, right?!!

This trip we’re staying in two different hotels. (due to my husband’s thorough searching for many days to find the best deals in Vegas) First we’ll be at the El Cortez in the “old” part of downtown Vegas, by Freemont street. If you’ve seen the movie “The Hangover”, you can see the El Cortez sign in the background of many scenes. (just a random fact for you) Then we’ll be moving to the BRAND NEW Vdara hotel in City Center!! I’ll definitely have to take some pics and post them. If you want to see some cool graphics of City Center and all it contains, just click here.

We’re off to Vegas, baby!


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