Craftathon for Critters

Tomorrow is our “Craftathon for Critters”! My mom and I will be buckling down and knitting and crocheting blankets for the homeless puppies and kitties. We’re also raising money through sponsorship, so we can give all the blankets and all the money we earn to our local homeless shelter. (you can sponsor us and make a donation at if you like!)

For twelve hours we’ll be working our little butts off (fingers, actually) on blankets so send us your positive vibes and energetic thoughts! If you knit or crochet, feel free to join in for a bit tomorrow to make a blanket, or you can make a donation to your local animal shelter. I won’t be blogging tomorrow (there won’t be time!) but I plan on taking lots of pictures to share after. We’re looking forward to it. We’ve got lots of movies and tv shows on DVD lined up, it should be fun! 🙂

Wish us luck!


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