Evolve Website

A new website has just been launched for the Evolve Anthology that I’m in. (I guess the New Year in the time for new websites!!)

You can visit the site here: Vampires Evolve

They are doing three editions, only available through the site. It’s astounding, you have to check this out. This is the link, Evolve-Purchase but I’ll sum up for you here.


This edition is 6″ x 9″, signed by all authors, the artist and the editor, limited to just 50 copies! The hardcover book is wrapped in silk and packaged in a sturdy pine coffin. How cool is that??!!


This edition is also 6″ x 9″, but is unsigned. Only 50 copies are available.


This is a paperback edition, 5.5″ x 8.5″, signed by all 24 authors, limited to only 300 numbered copies. , l

It will also be available in stores after March 1, 2010, but only in an unsigned trade paperback format

Pretty darn cool, dontchya think?! Also, the launch party is at the World Horror Convention in Brighton, England..in case you happen to be attending, come by and see us! Launch info is also on the site.


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