Fitness Challenges

In honour of the approaching New Year, I’m going to encourage everyone to come check out Fit4Success, my free network for anyone wanting to improve their health. The goal of this community is for everyone to encourage and support each other to not only reach our health and fitness goals, but all the goals we set for ourselves. There are quick fit tips, forums which include healthy recipes, featured exercises and articles, we also have member blogs and photos.

We just had a member add 20 healthy recipes!! You can check it out here: Healthy Recipes!

I’ve added some exercise challenges for 2010 that I wanted to share..and maybe co-erce some of you into accepting!!

30 Pushups in 30 Days!!

This is an ongoing strength challenge! Set your own start date, the goal is to do 300 pushups in a 30 day time frame. You can do 10 a day, or 20 every other day, whatever works. Just get to 300! You can the pushups from your toes or knees!

2 Weeks, 200 Minutes of Exercise

2 weeks, 200 mins of exercise. It can be any exercise at all, strength training, cardio, yoga, whatever gets you moving. Log your minutes on the network! This one has a start and finish date..January 10, 2010 to January 24th, 2010. The plan will be to run this challenge again, along with more advanced ones as we go through the year. (ie 300 minutes of exercise in 2 weeks) Come join us!! Technorati Tags: , ,


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