Fourth Draft Complete

I did it! The fourth draft is complete (and it only took me about 3 1/2 hours to finish yesterday) and I have sent it off to Diana Rowland for her critique. *GULP*

I know there will be more revisions to come, but it feels good to have made it this far and to be happy with it at this point. (or should I say, sick of it!!) Diana is a very busy lady, now with contracts for THREE more demon books as well as THREE zombie books!!! So while she has my manuscript in her hot and taloned hands (hee hee) I’m going to move on to some short stories, outline a new novel and maybe even do some outlining of more novels to follow the one I’m still working on. (that’s positive thinking, right?!)

I hope everyone has a GREAT new year! I have some fitness projects to tell you all about, and invite you to, (don’t be scared) but I’ll save that for next post. HAPPY 2010!!

You can visit Diana’s site here

Her book Mark of the Demon is a HUGE hit and a must read. Blood of the Demon comes out in February 2010!


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