City Center Las Vegas

Last set of pictures from Vegas, I promise. We went to see the new City Center, we’ve been watching them build it (fast!) over our visits and it’s now partly open to the public. They have the Aria hotel open, as well as the shopping center called Crystals. We only did window shopping there, as the stores are HIGH end (did I mention high?) stores that, unless we win a few million, we’ll never shop in!

There’s a tram that runs from the Bellagio to City Center, making it very convenient. City Center is HUGE! It’s really its own little city. There are residential buildings, the hotel and casino and the large shopping center. In a word, it’s insane. The architecture is incredible, with buildings leaning toward each other, the roof tops are angular masterpieces and there are fountains and light shows to dazzle every eye!

Here’s a photo (not taken by us) of the entire City Center. The shopping center is at the front (the smaller buildings with angled roof tops), the hotel and Casino Aria is at the very back, the two towers leaning in the middle are residential and rental condos. Not sure what the buildings on the outside are…more condos likely. Like I said, insane! It’s hard to tell how big it is in this photo, but look at how tiny the cars look going in and out of the Aria. That gives some perspective.

Here’s what you see when get off the tram from the Bellagio.

This is in front of the giant Versace ad..just because…

This is the view from the other side, looking down on the center courtyard. Crazeeeee!

That’s it, I’m done with pics. Thanks for letting me share. 😉


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