More Vegas Pics

We have returned home from Vegas and I’m working on re-acclimatizing to real life.

I thought I’d post a few more pictures for fun, since it’s Sunday and all….

We went to pick up our tickets for Peepshow starring Holly Madison. We went that night, and while I wouldn’t recommend it as a must see show if you’re going to Vegas, it was fun. We thought it went a little could’ve been a better, tighter show if it’d been 20 minutes shorter. I also thought maybe Holly might have a dance background (ie, maybe she’d been a stripper before a playboy icon) but from what we saw…uh, no. Poor Holly has no rhythm and that was very clear. But she has other attributes, as you can see in this picture!!

We went to the NEW Hard Rock Cafe on the strip. I highly recommend it. The food was excellent, the staff (there were so many staff!) were great and the atmosphere is uber rock. 🙂

Also at the Hard Rock, this wall of rock memorbelia etc..was a touch screen computer. I felt like I was in Minority Report! You have to check it out…

They also have tables in the waiting area that are touch screens. Here’s me playing the piano (it had sound) and my husband doing a Hard Rock puzzle. It was VERY COOL!

Then we went to Gameworks, another one of our favourite spots. My husband likes it because they have the original Asteroids and other “retro” games. They have pool tables, great food, the Glacier Bar where you can get 3 foot high drinks, new games, old games, games that give you tickets (we like to play basketball, football and skee ball) and we always win several toys in the grabbers!! (I’m addicted to collecting stuffed animals, btw..) Here’s me on the Dance Extreme. The place was pretty quiet so I tried it out. It’s really fun!

The new members of our family we won in the grabber (and we didnt’ spend much time trying, we’re just grabber

I also have some pictures of the new City Center, the hotel Aria and Crystals, but I think I’ve clogged, I mean blogged enough space for now. I’ll post those next time!


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