Off to Vegas again.

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It’s been a few months, so it’s time for another Vegas trip. Hubby is going to be playing in a pretty big tournament at the Bellagio, while I plan on visiting the spa and shopping. (it’s rough, I know)

I also plan on working on my novel!! I have taken it from 1st person to 3rd person, added the second storyline, fixed the major problems, all I have left to do are two things.

#1. The Sex Scene. Ugh! My first draft didn’t have one, my second draft had a “movie style one” where the lights go down and then’s it’s over. LOL. But I know that’s not going to work! I’ve been avoiding it, but it must be done.

#2. Write Descriptions. Again, ugh! This is my weakness, by far. I plan on using the trip to Vegas as my final inspiration to add description throughout the novel where necessary. (since my novel is set in the glamourous side of Vegas).

My posts will all contain the word “Vegas” for about a week. The word “sex” I can’t promise.


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