Recommended Reading

My last post was about finding enough time to read, and well, I did! Not sure how long it will last, but I wanted to share a GREAT book that I highly recommend.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Robert J Sawyer at several conventions and writer’s conferences, and this year I actually got up the nerve to introduce myself. Not only is he extremely intelligent and a phenomenal writer, he is very generous with his time, approachable and deserving of the success he’s had!

I knew from hearing Rob talk about this book what it was generally about, what his overarching metaphor was and I also knew from reading his books before that I was in for a great reading experience. This book didn’t disappoint! I absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down. My husband read it first and it drove me nuts!! He’d be laughing and then he’d say, "Oh, I can’t tell you." Then when I read it, he kept asking me every five minutes, "what part are you at now?" It’s that good!! Not only was it entertaining, but like all of Rob’s books, I felt I came away smarter for having read it. How great is that?

I’m not sure how much to reveal, but I need to give you at least enough hints that you’ll want to read it for yourself!

Wake is about the World Wide Web gaining consciousness. It’s actually going to be a trilogy, Wake, Watch, Wonder. (get it? WWW) The main character is a young math genius, who also happens to be blind. An experimental operation to give her back her site turns out to reveal more than she expected.

There, that’s my little "book pitch" for you. Interested yet?? LOL.

You can watch the book trailer here:
and here are some reviews, in case you needed any more convincing!!

"Once again, Robert J. Sawyer explores the intersection between big ideas and real people. Here the subject is consciousness and perception — who we are and how we see one another, both literally and figuratively. Thoughtful and engaging, and a great beginning to a fascinating trilogy."
Robert Charles Wilson, Hugo Award-winning author of Spin

"Cracking open a new Robert Sawyer book is like getting a gift from a friend who visits all the strange and undiscovered places in the world. You can’t wait to see what he’s going to amaze you with this time."
John Scalzi, John W. Campbell Award-winning author of Old Man’s War

"In Wake, Robert Sawyer gives us not only an entertaining novel but also a new way of looking at the World Wide Web. A superb work of day-after-tomorrow science fiction — I enjoyed every page."

Allen Steele, two-time Hugo Award-winning author of Coyote Horizon

"Unforgettable. Impossible to put down."
Jack McDevitt, Nebula Award-winning author of The Devil’s Eye

You can visit Robert J Sawyer’s website here: and no, I’m not getting paid for this advertisment (hehe) I just really like this book!!

I hope you enjoy it!


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