Reporting from Orycon

I’m in Portland Oregon for Orycon!!

There’s free wifi all over the hotel so I thought I’d try and be a roaming reporter and post whenever I can

If you’re thinking of coming to this con, I will tell you a few things already, and it doesn’t even start till tomorrow!

1. Programming is AMAZING. Truly something for everyone, especially my fellow writers!
2. It was really easy to take the train from the airport, and it was only $2.30!
3. The hotel is really nice! It’s the first time they’ve had it here (also my first time) but I’ve explored and it’s pretty easy to figure it out, and the organizers provided a great hotel map on their website.

That’s all I have for now since things don’t start till tomorrow! First on my schedule, (and the reason I’m here tonight to attend tomorrow) is Ken Scholes 2 hour writing workshop. Stoked!! ;). I will share my notes.

Talk to you soon!


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