Three things

I have three things to post about..that’s what happens when I don’t post regularly!!

#1. I just sent a short story in to the Tesseracts 14 Anthology by Edge Publishing. Wish me luck! Responses will be given next month, before the end of the year. This is the same publishing company that is doing the awesome anthology Evolve, that I’m in. They are GREAT, so I’m really hoping I get into this anthology! I will, of course, let you know what happens.

#2. I got through to the end of my novel with my major rewrites (1st person to 3rd person, rewriting large chunks) but I still have things to go back and fix, change etc. So I was debating whether to keep calling this my third draft, or call it a fourth draft. I really don’t know the protocol on that! After much consideration, I’m going to call it my FOURTH DRAFT!! I feel like I’ve been working on the third draft for months (because I have..) and just for my own mental sanity, I think calling it the fourth draft will feel like forward motion. So there it is, I’m done with my third draft, on to the fourth!! 🙂

#3. I am going to Orycon this weekend!! I’ve never been, but the programming looks fantastic, so I’m really excited. If you happen to be in the Portland, Oregon area, or want to plan a last minute trip, they are still selling memberships at the door. It runs Friday to Sunday with some absolutely fabulous guests and a jam packed program. Just a couple noteworthy guests, Patricia Briggs (Author guest of honour) Lou Anders (Editor guest of honour) and Ken Scholes (worksho presenter). I am EXCITED!!

Have a great weekend and to my friends in the good ol’ US of A…Happy Thanksgiving!!

OryCon 31
Oregon’s Premier Science Fiction Convention
November 27-29, 2009



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4 responses to “Three things

  1. Thank you! I hope to have fun pics as evidence when I return. 😉

  2. good luck with the story, I’ve got my fingers crossed….

  3. #1 Good LUCK!
    #2 Congratulations!
    #3 Woohoo! I wish you lots of fun. ONe of these days, I’ll make it to a Con, too. 😛

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