Pitch Prep


I’m trying to get my novel pitch ready for next weekend’s Surrey International Writer’s Conference, and, as you may have guessed, it’s not going too well!!

The idea of sitting down and pitching my novel doesn’t scare me, I love that kind of thing. (that makes me kind of sick, doesn’t it??! lol) What scares me is the fact I’m having so much trouble writing it in the first place. Makes me doubt myself..if I have a clear plot, premise etc., then this pitch should be easy to write, right??!

My mentor, Diana Rowland ( ) is helping me, and gave me clear instructions as to how to go about it, including an example from her novel Mark of the Demon. I now know how my clients feel when they tell me before their competition that they don’t want to let me down. My response is always, that’s silly, you’ve worked hard, you’ve put in the hours, now just get out there and do your best. Now I get it. After all Diana’s help, if I can’t bring it on the day of the pitch, I’m going to feel like I’ve let her down. As long as I use that as positive motivation and not extra pressure, I think I’m going to be fine.

I’m going to attack it again this afternoon after a good workout and an extra shot of caffeine. Does anyone else have pitch problems??! And I don’t mean singing, because then I’d really be doomed. 🙂


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