VCON and Evolve

VCON 34 was definitely a different experience for me this time around. Last year VCON 33 was my very first convention, I was struggling to get a regular writing practice going, was struggling with what I was trying to write and was doe eyed and mystified by all the authors I met.

This year I went as a published author (to be published author) in the anthology Evolve, which was being promoted at the event. (comes out in 2010) I even had my own name tag at the book launch!! (yes, this is how thrilled I was, I had my picture taken with it…and see that blurry person in the background? That’s Robert J Sawyer!)

I was introduced around as an "author", met some of the other authors from the anthology (who were awesome!) as well as the publisher. As the weekend progressed I learned more and more what a big deal it is to be included in this anthology and how lucky I am that this is my first publication. Not only do the other authors include very well known and respected authors (Mary Choo, Tanya Huff, Kelly Armstrong) but after editor Nancy Kilpatrick "saved" our stories from the submissions to Tesseracts 13 to use for this anthology instead, it became an "invitation only" anthology. Thank goodness I submitted to Tesseracts!

They are also doing a limited signed edition of the anthology. All the authors personally signed 350 took me about an hour and a half on Saturday…which are going to be included in the limited editions. Then they’ll run other copies without the signatures. We were already having people by the booth as we were signing the sheets telling us they couldn’t wait to buy their limited edition copy.

Here I am signing, I think this must have only been about 50 pages in, since I’m still smiling..HA! It was very fun, as you can see, the other authors and Brian, of Edge publishing, were great company! This is me with fellow authors Rhea Rose and Colleen Anderson, and that’s Brian in the great shirt!

I am currently saving my pennies so that I can go to the launch of the anthology at the 2010 World Horror Convention in Brighton, England. Can’t wait! 🙂



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4 responses to “VCON and Evolve

  1. Sounds like you had a good time 🙂

  2. Seems like quite the adventure!
    Congrats on getting into such a cool anthology.

  3. Thanks!! The adventure shall continue..all the way to England 😉

  4. I certainly did, I was overwhelmed by how great everyone was!!

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