Outline Done!

I have finished my outline…which I should have done BEFORE my first draft..I of course know that now…  Next time will be reversed, I promise.

But now I have a clear picture of how I want everything to be, and it complies with the entire three Act structure.  gave me GREAT homework to do, which was to read Alexandra Solokoff’s blog on story structure. It’s absolutely fantastic. I am an english and drama major. I studied film for two years during that degree. You’d think SOMEONE would have pointed this stuff out to us..but it wasn’t about writing or screenwriting, it was about studying novels/film, I suppose. Anyway, my point it is, it really helped me and I highly recommend checking it out!

Visit Alexandra Solokoff’s blog

My pretty outline…

Kitten reviews my work…

I think he’s saying, "What you waitin’ for? Finish writing it already."



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4 responses to “Outline Done!

  1. Thanks!
    Thanks for the motivation to keep going!! I love how you have organized the outline!! I have an outline done in a notebook, but seeing it spread out like that might keep me on it!!

  2. That looks so pretty and organised! I’m constantly envious of authors who actually plan ahead and stick with it.

  3. Re: Thanks!
    You’re welcome, glad I could inadvertently motivate you! 😉 I got the whole outline idea from Alexandra’s site. I recommend checking it out!

  4. Thanks 🙂
    Well, this is the post-novel outline…definitely should have done this FIRST, then written…paying for it now! LOL

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