The Author’s Voice

As I am on writing ban and still working on filling up my well, I went back and read my notes from the two conventions I attended last year.

I came across notes from David Morrell’s workshop at the World Fantasy Convention called the Author’s Voice. A few things really hit home with me at this phase in my writing..uh, that phase being the third draft, completely wacked out, messed up over major problems with the novel. I thought I’d share some of these points with everyone.

David Morrell said early on in the workshop that the most important thing you need to do in your career is be yourself. Wow! Simple, but so important when you start worrying about who is going to read your work, what genre label will it get, who is going to want to represent you or publish you if you write this way or that way. Be yourself! Okay, got it.

He also said that most people have a dominant emtion that controls them and how they view the world, his being fear..hence his very scary horror novels! I quoted him, he said "you have a ferret inside you and it doesn’t want to be found". You have to get as close to it as you can, and that will be what you will write. Whatever it is, you have to figure it out.

He emphasized you have to trust your ideas, your daydreams, pay attention to that. Another point I have in direct quotes, he said "the story is always right, it’s the writer that’s wrong".

His keys to getting published?
1. Talent
2. Discipline
3. Determination
4. Luck

Most importantly for me, he said, you better have a damn good reason for writing your book. Why are you writing it? Find the books that you were meant to write.

This break has been so good for me and as I continue on this bumpy journey I am discovering more and more about the industry and myself. I am loving it! 😉



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11 responses to “The Author’s Voice

  1. Nice one!
    I like the ‘…Find the books that you were meant to write…’ idea.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. All I know is, if I had a ferret inside of me, my predominant emotion would also be fear.

  3. Good post! He gave a lot of great advice.

  4. Thanks for passing on his suggestions–I like the ferret analogy and the idea that the story is right and the writer wrong. I always like watching stories unfold, especially when they surprise me.
    I’m glad your time away from writing is working so well. You sound charged!

  5. You’re welcome. Great advice, isn’t it! Now if I could only figure out what it means… he he.

  6. LOL!!! I don’t think he meant literally a ferret inside you.. 😉

  7. Thanks. It was a great session. He also has a book on writing, I tried to buy it at the convention and it was sold out. Still haven’t picked it up yet. It’s called The Successful Novelist.

  8. You are welcome. I do feel recharged, which was the whole point of taking the time I guess it worked!

  9. I’m glad you’re refreshing.

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