Surrey International Writers’ Conference

I just signed up for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference and I’m really excited about it! I looked into it last year and decided I just had too much other stuff going on..this year I STILL have too much other stuff going on, but I’m going anyway! πŸ˜‰

Part of the deciding factor was that Terry Brooks is going to be there. I grew up on his books and his Landover series is one of my favourites. Robert J Sawyer is also going to be there. I went to several panels he was on at our local convention, VCON, last year and have been gobbling up his books ever since.

With registration for the conference you receive a 10 min pitch session with an agent or editor or your choice, and a 15 min talk with an author of your choice. Since I registered a bit late, some of the most popular people were not available, Donald Maas, Terry Brooks and Robert J Sawyer didn’t have any time slots left. *sad face*

I did end up booking with an editor from Tor Books, very exciting, and with author Michael Slade. They had a fantastic interview with him on the site from last year, I’m going to try and find it and post it. He talks about "giving back" to new writers, and the influences he had when he was starting out. He tells some really great stories!

I’m PSYCHED!! This is going to force me to have a pitch for my novel by then..I’m still confused whether it’s an urban fantasy, sci fi, or bio punk. (I’m not even sure what that is, someone suggested it to me!) That, however, will be another topic for another journal entry, when I will pick your brains and ask for your suggestions.

Today I am forcing myself into "lockdown" to work on my third draft. I’m aiming for 7 hours..force myself to do it..breaks are allowed in limited number and restricted time. I really want to make some progress on this third draft and I’ve realized that a big part of it is just the time to work on everything that needs to be done. Lockdown begins soon…lock me up and throw away the key!! (okay, well, let me out eventually…) Wish me luck and I’ll report in on how it went. 



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6 responses to “Surrey International Writers’ Conference

  1. Thank you! I’m going to be armed with lots of caffeine and determination. πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds good, have fun πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like an awesome conference!

  4. Hope the seven hours went well! The conference sounds great. Good luck with all of it.

  5. Sounds like fun. Good luck with your pitch πŸ™‚

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