Rewrites do not amuse Kitteh..

Nothing like the extra pressure of having someone watch you also happens to be my worst critic! Kitteh is not thrilled with the state my novel is in, but I’ve tried to explain to her that all the highlights and blanks and "ADD SCENE" notes are actually going to get finished, come together and the novel will be great.

Something tells me she is not convinced.

I have been working at least two hours a day on rewrites, (breaks not included in that time) so I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s slow going, so freakin’ tough and sometimes I feel like I’ve made an utter mess of things, but I think I see how it’s improving. Thanks to my background in fitness competitions, where we train for an entire year for one event sometimes, I’m dealing fairly well with the knowledge that it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to finish this draft, and that there will be more drafts to come. Fairly well. If nothing else I’ll prove to the critical Kitteh that I can finish this darn thing! 🙂  



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10 responses to “Rewrites do not amuse Kitteh..

  1. Haha, Kitteh doesn’t look convinced, does she?

  2. I wish my kitty, C.C., would give me that look on occasions. She’s probably the only one I’d listen to. 😉

  3. Lol, this is why I have a big dog pillow and blaket NEXT to my desk.

  4. Haha, she looks like she’s saying, sheesh, I don’t understand all the fuss.
    I’m glad you’re going at it strong. It is a tough job when making big changes (you’re still shifting viewpoint?), and yes, it will need further revisions if your experience is anything like mine. But it’s sort of fun going back and reading it with the new scenes … a bit of a new novel all around.
    Hope you’re enjoying it!

  5. Kitteh says “revisions make me sleepy”

  6. Yes, they are SO much smarter than we are, aren’t they? How can we not listen to them..

  7. Ya, it does make it tough to type sometimes..
    My husband calls her my “velcro kitty” cuz she’s always stuck to me!

  8. I am still changing to third person, (though I had a moment of, whoa, maybe I should have two first person pov, but abandoned that quickly) and it’s been a slow, painful process! LOL. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. And that’s exactly how I feel. Well, that and a horrible headache… 😉

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