Multiple Journals Connected?

When I first joined LiveJournal, I asked if people commonly used Blogger and LiveJournal.

Now I’ve noticed some people who seem to have a blog on their site that is also connected to their LiveJournal blog. Since only LJ members can add comments, I think it’s a great idea to have a blog on your site as well. I’d like to have it directly imbedded in my website rather than on an exterior site.

Are the people who have website blogs and LJ blogs connected somehow so their entry is automatically posted on both?  And if so, what are they using to accomplish this? I feel like I’m missing out on some intel! I would love it if someone could hook me up with the inside scoop on this!!!



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3 responses to “Multiple Journals Connected?

  1. Can’t help, sorry. I don’t even know what Blogger is 😦

  2. If you find anything that does this, let me know! I’ve seen authors who have something like ‘cross-posted at OtherBlog’ written at the bottom of their posts. I don’t know if they just post to both blogs or if they have some cool gadget they’re keeping secret.

  3. I asked about this on twitter as well and got an answer to try ScribeFire , a Firefox plugin –
    I haven’t actually checked it out yet but plan to!

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