More pictures!

And I have a few more photos to share…today we are going from the Montelago Resort to the Tuscany Suites, 2blocks from the strip. That way we can go to a show, hubby can play lots of poker and I can still work on my novel.

I HAVE been working quite a bit on it, but it’s HARD darnnit! I had visions of cutting and pasting a few things, adding a few paragraphs here and there…BOY was I wrong!! I’m hacking it to pieces, pulling my hair out trying to make it make sense, re-working the timeline several different ways (which also makes my head want to burst!) and leaving huge chunks of "ADD SCENE HERE" pieces. WOW. It threatens to overwhelm me, but I’m managing to take deep breaths and will keep pushing through!!

Once we move to the Tuscany, I’ll only have internet in the lobby and at the pool (rough life, right?) so I might not be online much. Good part about that is there’s less to distract me from rewrites!!

Here we are in the hotel’s little gym for a workout..don’t tell my hubby I posted this, he is very camera shy! (let alone, post on a blog for everyone to see shy!!)

Found this cool Precor stretching maching thingy at the gym there. Not that you need a device to stretch, but I think if I had this in my gym, I would use it!

The pool last’s very quiet at this resort right now! Pretty much have the place to ourselves.

At the hot tub last night…notice this is not the suit I wear during the day in the sun-whoops, nice tan lines…ah well!


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