Can someone’s brain explode?

I mean, really? Can it happen? Because I feel like mine is about to!!

The national competition we are promoting is this weekend, we have about 120 athletes from across Canada coming to compete, plus Provincial presidents, judges and delegates, plus sponsors, volunteers, the MC, the audience members….plus I have clients from BC that I train that are competing in it…….aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

And just to cram a few more things into my brain, I received my second set of novel critiques from Jeannie Holmes which is GREAT, but now I have a bunch of new things to consider for my novel. I’m in the process of just hacking it to bits, I feel so mean! Is that normal?? I’m rearranging, deleting and making notes to where I need to add new stuff. My goal is still to have the 3rd draft done by the end of August.

That is, of course, if my brain doesn’t explode first.



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4 responses to “Can someone’s brain explode?

  1. On the bright side, next week should be more relaxing 🙂
    Hope your brain doesn’t detonate beforehand 🙂

  2. Yes, can’t wait for next week! Then I’ll have no excuse for not working on rewrites. 😉
    And thank you for your concern for my brain, I too hope it stays intact. 🙂

  3. Brains explode rather easily, I believe. Cleaning up the mess aftwerwards… that’s hard.
    Notice of friending: I pulled your web page link off a forum post by Diana Rowland. Thought I’d tag along for a while.

  4. *sigh* Yes, I will have to warn my husband it will be his job to clean it up, and to keep the cats away! (lol)
    Thanks for the friend add, I talk about Diana probably, oh, every other post, since she’s helping me with my novel and is, well, AWESOMENESS personified. 😉

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