All A Twitter by Tee Morris

Check me out! I’m on the cover of Tee Morris’ new book All A Twitter!

Okay, there are also a multitude of other avatars on the cover, but honestly, if you look really close, 3rd row down, very last pic, that’s me! Fun, right?!

How did I manage to get on the cover of THE Tee Morris’ book? Well, Twitter, of course! I met Tee on Twitter and eventually we struck up a deal that I would train him in exchange for his help on my upcoming podcasts. (it’s insane, really, I still can’t believe it). He then also offered to add my avatar to his book, after adding text for me. (avatar with this post)

Now here’s the promo part that I most willingly post for Tee. If you don’t know who Tee Morris is (where have you been hiding??!!) he is one of the founding fathers of podcasting, was the first to podcast his entire novel, MOREVI,he founded the now hugely popular site Podiobooks, co-wrote Podcasting for Dummies, and hosts one of my favourite podcasts for  writers, The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, just to mention a few of Tee’s accomplishments. You can find out more about Tee at his website, and

Whether you’re a Twitter regular, newbie, or skeptic, Tee Morris’  book All A Twitter will help you make the most out of your twitter experience. It’s available on Amazon HERE.

What more can I say? Yes, I am a huge fan of Tee Morris, and use twitter regularly, so I am definitely all a twitter!



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3 responses to “All A Twitter by Tee Morris

  1. Sandra, you rock! Thanks so much for the kudos and such. As you are a fan of mine, I am a fan of yours. I’m on the plan, working to get my weight and body under control.

    Be talking to you soon!

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