Real Life Sucks!

Okay, maybe it doesn’t suck, but it’s HARD to come back to normal life after being away for 10 days in the big ol’ adult playground that is Las Vegas!

Not only is it back to real life, but it’s coming back to being BEHIND on real life and having to catch up. Ugh! My to do lists are outrageous.

I know, I know, poor me, boo hoo, it’s a rough life. LOL. I’ll get over it!

I didn’t do any writing while I was in Vegas, and now my excuse seems to be that I’m so far behind on work etc I couldn’t possibly write, right?! Oh boy, I just heard how lame that sounds. Okay, I will get back to writing, my goal is to work on exercises and prompts until my readers get back to me with all their feedback on my second draft. (gulp). I also have a couple of short stories I should finally do rewrites on and send out.

Sounds like a plan…wish me luck.


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  1. Consider it wished 🙂

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