“False” Advertising

This is a rant, nothing but a rant…
(mascara ad)
This had been a pet peeve of mine for a very long time…

Is it not FALSE advertising for make up company’s to use models wearing FALSE eyelashes to promote their mascara?! To blatantly say, this mascara will "thicken" and "lengthen" your eyelashes, and then show fake eyelashes?? As part of the "glam" of fitness competitions, we wear fake eyelashes on stage so that from far away in the audience it still looks like we have eyelashes. We’re not trying to fool anyone! Wearing fake eyelashes walking around everyday though would be ridiculous, and no mascara is going to get you the same result. 

(mascara ad)

When I googled "mascara ads" to find some pictures for this post, I came to realize I’m not alone in my hatred of this "scam" by make up companies. I was glad to see many women protesting it and discussing it. I fear there are still far too many who would fall for the advertisers clever ploy. Oh I’m sure they put their mascara on OVER the false eyelashes, so they’re still showing the product…but still, shame on you!
Don’t fall for it ladies!! And guys, don’t EVER expect normal women to have eyelashes like that! (if guys even care about a woman’s eyelashes!?!)

That is all. You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled blogging.



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5 responses to ““False” Advertising

  1. Advertising is always intended to ramp up the product to look as if it will perform a miracle. The eyelashes remind me of that old joke about the bride and groom on their wedding night and she starts taking off accessories as they go up the stairs to bed.
    Food adverts on tv are just as misleading. What you see is not what it looks like when you try to cook it. What you see probably isn’t cooked in the first place but is covered with sugar glazes colored with food dies.
    Cleaning products do not achieve a squeaky clean bathroom after applying a quick squirt of the miracle product. No one shows the effort needed.
    My take is that if a thing needs a hard sell there is a very good reason behind the hurling of cash at advertisments. It doesn’t work.

  2. That’s always annoyed me too–especially when it’s really obvious that they’re using fake lashes!
    But it’s probably the same as showing a photoshopped/airbrush model’s skin and proclaiming that a makeup will make your skin look just as “flawless.” Bah.

  3. You should see the ones for baldness cures! 🙂

  4. And here I feared I was the only one who got rabid when mascara commercials come on the tv!
    I shouldn’t have underestimated my fellow females. 😛

  5. Ha ha! That’s what I thought when I saw all the posts/complaints/vents about these commercials. I was relieved to know I wasn’t the only one! Anti-mascara ad people unite! (?) LOL

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