Amber Unicorn Books, Las Vegas

Hello again from Las Vegas!

I took a trip out to a great little used bookstore here, Amber Unicorn Books.

If you’re ever in Las Vegas and have time to get off the strip, I highly recommend checking it out!! Tell them Sandra sent you. Just kidding! I’ve only been there twice, they’d just look at you and smile politely and point you to the book stacks. Hee hee.

I spent almost an hour in there, lost in the sci fi and fantasy section. Since I knew I’d have to fly home with anything I bought, I was very tough, only picking three books. First, a book full of 366 writing exercises/prompts, called The Write-Brain. Since my goal was to do some writing while I was here (ahem, uh, about that..) I thought it would be a good purchase. It looks fun, now all I have to do is use it!

I also bought a copy of A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin because, and I cringe to admit this, I have never read the Earthsea books! *collective gasp* I know, I know, but I’m correcting that indiscretion now!

I also bought an anthology-I LOVE anthologies, I recommend picking up anthologies whenever you can..and not just because my short story Mama’s Boy is coming out in the Vampire anthology Evolve, oh no no, I just love the opporunity to ‘sample’ different authors! This anthology is called Unicorns, it was first published in 1982 and has stories by Larry Niven, Stephen R Donaldson, Ursula K. Le Guin, T.H. White, Roger Zelazny and more! Great find, right?!! I can’t fact, I think I’ll head to the pool to read right now! (please don’t hate me because I’m on vacation…)

Happy reading to you, wherever you are!



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4 responses to “Amber Unicorn Books, Las Vegas

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time 🙂

  2. Let us know what you think of the Earthsea books. I read them right after Tolkien and C.S. Lewis so they are early in my Fantasy reading.
    I’m curious to see the reaction to someone reading them only now for the first time.
    The Earthsea books rank very high on my all-time list.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Great, I will definitely do that! I guess it’s just because no one introduced me to it when I was younger, I read CS Lewis as well, George Macdonald (The Goblin Princess) then Tolkien, Eddings and Terry Brooks.
    Stay tuned… 😉

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