The Second Draft… C’est fini!

A little francais thrown in the title in honour of Canada Day…in case you didn’t catch it, and just so I can say it again…my second draft is finished!! *happy dance*

I have sent it off to  and Jeannie Holmes for their critiques…GULP. In the meantime I’m not sure what to do with myself??!! Perhaps work on some short stories??

Big shout out to my fellow Canucks for a Happy Canada Day! "Celebrate good times, come on!" And while I’m at it, an early Happy Fourth of July to those to the south. I just realized we’re going to be in the US (Vegas) for July 4th, so lucky me, I get to celebrate both countries!!

I think I am rambling now, so I’ll make my exit. Thank you.



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6 responses to “The Second Draft… C’est fini!

  1. Congratulations! Et bonne chance!

  2. Excellent. Congrats (again) 🙂
    Now stop dancing and get to work on those short stories 😉

  3. Thank you! See, the pressure worked. I’ll let you know when it’s third draft

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