Podcasts out the Wazoo (not literally)

I set out in this entry to post a list of all my favourite podcasts, in order to share them with anyone looking for something new to listen to, or anyone who might want to listen to podcasts but doesn’t know where to start.

Then…I got overwhelmed.

Ever since getting my first ipod and finding out about podcasts, I’ve been hooked and my ipod is filled to the BRIM with different podcasts. So, instead of listing them all, I thought I’d mention the ones that come to mind first..and I will do more entries with more, because there are more…so many more.

If anyone has any suggestions for me on their favourite podcasts, I’d love to hear them. I am a serious addict! 😉

Second Draft
A note to my dear and precious accountabilibuddies (really, gotta send the love), I took Sunday off as always, since Sunday is the day I meet most of my clients, and got back at the second draft today. I have only TWO chapters left till the second draft is complete!! And oh what a celebration that is going to be!! 

Podcasts Sandra Recommends Today:

Writing Excuses
I LOVE these guys! "15 minutes long because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart." Fantastic advice for writers at all stages in their career. I learn a ton and also get strange looks from people when I break out laughing on my morning walk while listening to them!! www.writingexcuses.com/

Adventures in SciFi publishing
Even though Sean is on a hiatus from recording, if you haven’t heard every single episode, (which I now have!!) go back and listen,, they’re fantastic! Great interviews, writing advice, all the latest info. www.adventuresinscifipublishing.com/

The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy

I Should Be Writing
The infamous Mur Laffery hosts this podcast for wanna be writers. I heard a couple episodes and enjoyed it so much I went back and listened to two years worth of episodes! Definitely a must-listen for beginning writers. isbw.murlafferty.com/

Dragon Page Cover to Cover

Conversations with the creators of the best in science fiction and fantasy. If you love SF literature, are an author or aspire to become one, you’ll enjoy this podcast. www.dragonpage.com/



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2 responses to “Podcasts out the Wazoo (not literally)

  1. Thank you for these links, 🙂

  2. You are welcome! More to come… 😉

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